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T-Shirt Paint Colors

Provided below are a paint color chart and a list of the paint colors for T-shirts that we have in our studios.

Please note that different monitors may display the colors on the chart differently.  If pthalo blue doesn't look like royal blue on your monitor then the colors are not displaying correctly.  In this case we suggest that you type the most common description for the colors you want in the 'design color' area of the shopping cart.

You will also notice that we have several shades of pink and blue as well as other colors.  If you type "blue" in the design color area of the shopping cart our artists will select a shade they fell goes best with the design and other colors you have requested.  Opaque and iridescent colors look best on dark colors.  Light colors such as yellow are not good for lettering on white unless the lettering is be be outlined by another color as in graffiti or bubble style lettering.

Click Image for Manufacturer's Color Chart.  *note we do not stock all colors offered on chart. 

deep red

hot red (fluorescent)


baby pink

hot pink (fluorescent)

hot raspberry (fluorescent)

flamingo pink


hot yellow (fluorescent)


hot orange (fluorescent)


dark brown




iridescent red


hot purple (fluorescent)


caribbean blue (light)

pthalo blue (royal)

deep blue (navy)

iridescent electric blue

baby blue

(kelly) light green

hot green (fluorescent)

forest green




light brown

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